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Sunflower Montessori and Day Care

Program Enhancements

Sunflower Montessori and Day Care incorporates a number of program enhancements to ensure the education and development of each child is well-rounded and comprehensive.


At Sunflower Montessori and Day Care, we offer fine arts, performing arts (for Toddlers through Pre-K) and visual arts (Pre-K).

The art program nurtures creativity in each student, building skills and self-confidence through the artistic process. Art instruction is geared toward familiarizing children with how to use art materials and have fun doing so. Projects are seasonal and align with classroom curriculum. Students work with a wide variety of media, learning basic art elements such as color. Our Children’s art and craft work is displayed often on bulletin boards throughout the year and in a yearly art show.

The visual arts enrichment program focuses on enhancing students’ creative processes and visual perceptions. They are introduced to famous artists from around the world, and their arts are discussed with the teacher and other students.


The goal of Sunflower Montessori and Day Care’s music program is to provide a multi-sensory music environment that provides each student with the opportunity to explore their musical creativity, enhance self-esteem and self-awareness, expand knowledge of music concepts, and develop performance skills. Children will engage in group activities as well as Spring and Winter performances to incorporate learned skills into a positive social environment.


Our Music Teacher Ms. Becky Moran, has a deep background in music, including a degree in Music Therapy and Music Education. Becky is a certified Music Therapist. She loves children and aims to help them enjoy music, and learn age-appropriate skills in music education. 


Sunflower Montessori and Day Care recognizes the importance of learning a second language. Learning a new language will give your child a greater understanding of the world we live in. Even by learning a few phrases they will access many fascinating cultures around the world and understand the differences between countries.

Healthy Me

Our Healthy Me program for Preschool and Pre-K is developed with the guidance and resources of USDA. Preschoolers will learn about healthy nutrition and physical activity choices, learn about the good things food does for our bodies, and develop positive eating habits that will last a lifetime. Fun, hands-on nutrition, and tasting activities will help our Preschoolers understand simple nutrition concepts, develop children's cleanliness skills, and provide a variety of cooking and tasting experiences.

Our lesson will also include growing a vegetable garden in Spring where the Preschoolers will learn how to care for plants.

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